Pest Control In The Summer

  • by steven light
  • 17 May, 2017

Typical pest control in the summer months

wasp nest treatment in abingdon
Hot work treating wasps nest

Working outdoors in the summer doing pest control always has its benefits as long as you use your head, yes its great to be in the sun all day and not stuck in an office or warehouse but you have to look after yourself by using sunscreen or keeping covered up when the sun is at its strongest, but keeping hydrated is the number one issue so don’t be afraid to offer us a drink of water as it will always be welcome.

When people think about summer they think of those long hot sunny days wearing t-shirts and shorts while doing BBQ’s for their family and friends.

However, for us doing pest control our summer consists of wearing a bee suit on a hot day in a loft where the temperature can be unbearable treating your wasp's nests .

Wasp nests can be anywhere from the loft to a tree, but the one that always catches people out are the ones in the ground that you just have not seen till that one day you are cutting the grass and they all pour out of the hole and you get stung while running into your house like a mad man. When you call us at shire pest solutions or contact us by email remember to give us as much detail about where the nest is.

it's no good to say it's in a hedge in the back garden and we turn up and your at work and the hedge goes all around the rear or your house, put a marker both sides or the nest and say it's between them that will give us the best chance to find and treat the wasp nest.

Ants are another pest that drives people mad in the summer whether it's in the house or garden.

when ants are in the house it normally means they have found a food source like bits of food crumbs, sugar or spilt sugary drinks on the side or under the side or microwave.

First thing is to clear up all the food debris taking away their food source and cleaning the sides up.If you have not moved your cooker out then do so as there will be grease and bits of food trapped under there to be cleaned.

remove the kick boards and see if there is anything that needs cleaning.

Doing the cleaning before a pest controller turns up means that any treatment we do will have maximum effect  

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