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  • by steven light
  • 09 May, 2017

Pest Control

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Mike Light RSPH Level 2 Pest Technician
I thought an introduction about myself and why I'm in pest control would be appropriate.
So my names Mike light. I'm 27 and live in a small village just outside of Oxfordshire. I grew up locally and have kept many different types of animals, from the normal dogs and cats, rabbits and birds through to tropical fish, reptiles, arachnids and invertebrates (insects). By the time I was ten, I was using a snake hook for snake control, I was around venomous snakes and scorpions (normal snakes since 5) and loved animal life of all kinds.

Since then and a few years later, I've left home, got married and had kids (four of the little devils) and I continue my obsession with animals to this today. My kids have grown up alongside animals such as snakes, scorpions, and numerous insects like ants , cockroaches , assassin bugs and praying mantis to name but a few. All this alongside dogs, cats, birds (aviary with budgies) and tropical fish of many species I still keep today. The kids now want their own insects which they will learn a lot from, know matter what species they choose I will be more than happy to support them in their love for animals.

Have I got any phobias? Well, the answer is no. I don't have any phobias but I don't like certain spiders . Mainly the UK house spider with muscles and tattoos. Tarantulas, not a problem, I have held them without a worry and would be happy to keep one as a pet, it only seems to be a select few UK spider species.

So why pest control if your an animal lover?

This question seems to pop up a lot, whether it's on an Internet forum or someone overhearing us on the street explaining what we do for a living. There is no simple or easy answer as all pest technicians do it for their own reason and we could fill a book on the subject.
The quick and simple answer is, satisfaction! By this, I don't mean "murdering all the unwanted "pests" in the house for personal gain". I mean the satisfaction we get from the smiles on the faces of clients after a successful job.
Not all jobs need poison or trapping for control, as some just need the point of entry sealing to prevent the ingress of the pests. People tend to think pests like bedbugs or fleas are signs that their house must be unclean and worry themselves, which truly isn't the case. Some people have genuine phobias which could be down to medical reasons.

We can treat all pests whether it be by the use of rodenticides/insecticides or natural methods like catch and release like a bird trapped in a loft if it is legal to do so.
Grey squirrels are an example of a destructive non-native pest which by law are illegal to release back into the wild so sorry in advance for this, but we can't break the law and have no satisfaction whatsoever in having to dispatch them which has to be done humanely.
Our reassurance can make all the difference to our clients when we turn up at our jobs. We can solve any pest problem and we believe this is due to our understanding of the so-called "enemy" and with our professional training and we take care in the use of our products in a strict and safe manner as to protect the clients, ourselves and wildlife.
well-adapted animal species that in the correct environment isn't a pest.
All the pest species should be respected. we have strict laws and legislations in place that we have to follow, that allow certain pests to be controlled under certain circumstances and no two jobs are the same.
The main reason for control is the public health and safety but can be things like protecting agricultural land and crops.

At the end of the day we are doing a job many people couldn't do, be it through morals or sights/smells we come across. Some people hate what we do but we are here to protect your health, it doesn't matter what your views on us are as we are protecting your health, home and businesses. Maybe its rats spreading leptospirosis , birds causing buildings to become damaged or contributing to a case of ornithosis or insects spreading asthma causing pathogens or food poisoning. It may not be easy for some bird or animal lovers to understand why pest controllers do what we do, just ask them and they will talk to you and explain the reasons they are controlling or proofing against said pests. Just remember we are here when you need us, to sort out any pest problem you may have now or in the future, no matter if it's a home, factory or industrial food premises, maybe just a general store or clothes shop it doesn't matter.

Pests are not bothered where they are, they don't care if your premises are clean or dirty as long as they can survive and breed.

Just remember that no matter your views, We are only a call away to help you out in any pest situation you may have.

Any questions or comments or advice then feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks from me.
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