Trap Monitoring system update

  • by steven light
  • 13 Jul, 2017

Rodent Monitoring System Update

rodent monitoring system
Bait Station with a rat trap inside ,and on the right you can see the monitoring tag that sends a signal to the main unit, which is not wifi so can be used in the middle of fields
So today we put the new trap monitoring system we are testing to a more serious test. We started to push the distance boundaries and We had the person who came up with the idea (that is now the new trap monitor) along to watch, help, observe and learn from us as pest controllers as we are learning about the technology and best use from him. at the same time, we are gathering very important data which will be used to update the hardware or software of the product, before releasing it to the industry.
Once we have a final product and enough data this will also help work towards the selling point. We do not want a half finished product on the market so we are carrying out a lot of tests.
From the area, it's going to be used in, to the traps, the situation it's applied to and even the weather. We are seeing how the app reacts on multiple platforms.
trap monitoring system
You can see on the App that you have battery, signal strength, Temp and bluetooth alert. click on this and you would see which trap had gone of and a map of where it is
We will keep you updated as much as possible as we really are testing this product and trying to push the limits with heavy rain and temps that have pushed it up to 57 degrees so far. This will show if the product itself needs adaption or slight editing on the software for a flaw free final product that is an asset to the industry.
rodent camera trap
This is the main unit with camera and PIR sensor on being out in a weatherproof cover fixed to a fence so i can get a picture alert as well as tag alert when the trap goes off
We are testing and helping to develop this product for pest industry-specific applications (we have no monetary interests in the product as that can cause bias and we only want to provide honest reviews) we can see the huge benefits this system could have on not checking traps daily as the system will tell you it's on and working with daily heartbeats to say it's on and working. I hope that once it is in the final form we can all use it as an asset.
Hope you have been left in suspense and visit soon for the next update.
Mike and Steve

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