Testing A New Trap Monitoring System

  • by steven light
  • 15 Jun, 2017


Trap monitoring
Trap Montitor
Firstly the primary function of this monitoring system is for trapping applications, it's job is to report when a trap has been activated. This will save you time and money travelling to go and check traps but also make the job quicker by alerting when a trap, and which trap, has been activated.
The Monitor itself has a passive infrared sensor, as well as a wide-angle camera( daytime only) and GPS (Global Positioning System) so you can see on a map where you put it. It uses Bluetooth sensors built into the monitor to allow the system to act as a central hub for the sensors that can be added (up to 10). The monitor can update itself over the network with firmware upgrades and you can change the configuration of the monitor from a central computer or from a phone using the app.
cage monitoring system
Tag inside a trap box
The box above has a sensor inserted into the lid of the trap box (white in the picture). When the trap goes off the shock is picked up by the sensor and then it sends an alert to the base unit to say it has been activated, then an alert is sent to your phone to the app.
So if you had ten traps on site how do you know which one has gone off, well this is simple as when you set the sensors up you name them and write the name on the box or on your site plan, which you should be doing by now
trap monitor
All these can be monitored by one unit
Info will be updated as shire-pest-solutions put this unit to hard work 
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