Seen a single wasp does it mean i have a wasp nest

  • by steven light
  • 01 Mar, 2017
wasp nest treatment
Single Queen Wasp Building her nest

Wasp nests

Do you have a large swarm around your gutter or chimney in early spring, then there is a high chance its honey bees not wasps.
If you see a large wasp at this time of year, it will almost definitely be a queen wasp and does not mean you have a wasp nest . Thats because these wasps are emerging from their overwintering hibernation and there is no nest yet. The queen wasps will be on the look out for a new place to build her nest and lay her eggs. The most Popular locations are lofts, sheds but can also be underground.

When a queen wasp has chosen a location she will begin to build the nest which at first is like half a golf ball, by mid-summer the nest could be as big as a beach ball and contain thousands of wasps. Wasps can become a pest problem to you if they build a nest close to a window or place that they could be a continual nuisance and the risk of being stung increases.

The wasps will become more aggressive as the fruit starts falling from the trees and people start eating outside. In these situations, we can put up wasp pots that will attract and catch any wasps in that area.

If you discover what you think is a hibernating queen wasp or a wasps nest you may want to give us a call for advice . We at shire pest solutions have the experience to identify and destroy it.
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