Rodents After The Summer

  • by steven light
  • 27 Sep, 2017

Rodents on the move already

Hello folks me again, I know, I know, my voice is becoming boring now with all these blogs. You’re lucky you can make my voice up in your head, I hear it daily so I’m sure you can bear with me for a few sentences.
Let’s get down to business. The weather even through the summer this year hasn’t been great; in fact, it’s the worse summer holidays I can remember for years. Rodents are yet again making the news both on TV and in the papers and it's all thanks to the summer we have not had.
Normally at this time of year, we only get call outs for wasps, ants, fleas the general summer pests. The weather as it is at this time of year isn’t great and it was like we never had a summer at all. Most will know wasps are the main summer pests but for most, even these have been few and far between. We would normally be dealing with a minimum of 5-10 wasp nests a day per person in our areas unfortunately, this isn’t the case this year. We are getting wasp nests but we are getting more and more calls for rodent issues. We are personally putting this down to the poor summer with all the rain that we don’t normally see in these month’s we are seeing the winter rodent ingress sooner than normal.
By the winter rodent ingress I mean we get some heavy rain (the normal round autumn/winter time) and we as pest technicians start receiving the rodent calls. They can’t live in the drains or their summer abode as the rain has either put too much water into their homes or have made their homes so wet or their food has depleted and they want to live somewhere much comfier. We are comfy in our homes, so where are they going to go to escape the weather? Our homes are the answer as its dry, warm and they have food.
We at shire pest do not mind what time of year we have to deal with a pest, we don’t stop due to the weather but what matters follows next.
We are doing our best to go poison free this means no rodenticides, and where possible for insect problems no insecticides.
We are doing our best to stop using poisons where ever possible and opt instead for traps. We use live catch as well as lethal traps and organic insecticides but if you have a preference we will accommodate that as best we can. We are using these traps alongside some brand new, state of the art trap monitoring systems that don’t only make it more efficient in allowing us to control your problem quicker (we know a trap has gone off within minutes), it’s more efficient. A sprung trap is no longer effective once set off and we can turn up reset that trap as soon as possible to allow that trap to be as effective as the first time it was set. We are an innovative, cost effective and thorough pest control company covering Oxfordshire and Berkshire area.
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