Rats Eradication in Winter

  • by steven light
  • 13 Dec, 2016

Rats are on the move

rats in the garden
A Rat in a garden eating the bird food

With the arrival of the cold weather comes rodents , over the last few days we have seen a big increase in calls for  rodents in the Didcot  and  Oxford  area. But as you walk around places like  Abingdon Wantage  you can see the evidence of people feeding the birds . This means that some of the food gets dropped on the floor which in turn attracts any nearby rats to the bird   feeders , and when the rodents find a food source they will search for a home close by. This could be an easy access to your house from a hole in the wall, and once in they make there way to the loft where they can damage you wiring or pipes which can be expensive to fix. If you see signs of any rodent activity  It is vital you do not let them get established or you will have an ongoing problem to deal with, that will only get worse and it won't go away on its own.

If you think you have a rodent problem , then get in touch  with us at Shire Pest Solutions   , who will deal with your rodent problem quickly and safely.

When we treat rodent problems we have to follow strict guidelines ,so that we protect the Environment and wildlife.

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