Pest Control Work Experience with David

  • by steven light
  • 31 Mar, 2017
David from Abingdon & Witney College has been doing his work experience with Shire Pest Solutions for two weeks. Mike has years of experience controlling rabbits on farms and fields, so he was the ideal person to show david the ropes.
Mike started by doing legislation and moved on to tracking rabbits and finding the right place to set the rabbit cages/traps and moved out to the fields to put it into practice as you can see from the picture below he caught a young rabbit and was very happy
rabbit cage
Davids first catch
Mike and David have been placing and trapping with cages and traps all over the golf course for the two weeks and i can say the client is very happy. David was very keen to learn and had no problem with all the walking and work involved with this project.
We have also been installing these hidden bait stations at a park to keep the public and animals protected from the bait points which is hard work but the end result is very pleasing to the eye for the client
hidden rat bait station
Hidden Bait Station being dug in
hidden bait station dug in
hidden rat box
We would like to thank David for all of his hard work and for being punctual every day so we could keep our timed appointments which in our job is a must
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