Noises in your loft space

  • by steven light
  • 13 Dec, 2016

Noises in your loft could be your worse nightmare

noises in the loft is it rats or mice
Is your home safe from rodents this winter
Noises in your loft space at this time of the year can be worrying, indicating that  rats mice  or even  squirrels  may be living in your roof space.
These rodents can damage items stored in your loft spaces by gnawing electric wires and causing a fire or chewing pipes causing flood damage.
Not all noises should be investigated as we turn the heating on it can cause the house to crack and creak. If the noises carry on or you find rodent droppings in the attic then you need our help at  Shire Pest Solutions  let us come and inspect your loft and put your mind at rest.
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