New Bait is a success 

  • by steven light
  • 04 Aug, 2017


Picture from Barrettine
Contains/Active:  0.0025 % difenacoum & 0.0025 % bromadiolone
Area of Use:In and around buildings, in Open areas, in Waste dumps
Target Species: Rats & Mice

This is a 15g sachet with two ingredients  that we all know but put into one bait, it has said that it has a great kill rate and can be tracked due to its fluorescent technology. They claim the formulation improves acceptance of the bait by rodents.
I can say that within hours of placing this bait down in a loft it was being picked up by the rats see the video below and taken away, i will try and fix the bait and see what happens.

I will update this blog when i have data on how fast i got control of our rodent problem in this loft, but so far its looking good. 
pest control testing
We Give This A Gold, Great Bait Take And Problem Was Sorted
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