Mole Eradication

  • by steven light
  • 14 Dec, 2016

How to remove a mole by mole trapping

how to get rid of garden moles by mole trapping
Garden Mole Removal By Mike Light

The first thing people see of a  mole  is the  mole hills  popping up all over there lawn. This is then followed by the thought of  mole extermination  and then the panic phone call to the  pest control company  like us at  shire pest solutions  saying how they want to  get rid of the mole in there garden .

We explain that we locate the  mole runs  and place different  mole traps  down. We use  mole traps  we trust and when we have  caught the mole  we can remove it from the site.  Garden mole removal  should be left to  mole catchers .

We make   mole trapping     look easy as a lot of clients see us  trapping moles  but then think it would save them money if the brought there own  mole traps  and set them themselves.

I think you know what happens next , yes we get the call can you please  remove the moles from the lawn  as our  mole traps  don't work. So they gained nothing and there lawn is more of a mess than before and they have spent time and money  removing no moles  at all. If you don't trust your  pest control company   then get a company you do trust and  you will get a good working relationship with them and will use them time and time again.

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