Leatherjacket Treatment

  • by steven light
  • 19 Jul, 2017

Leatherjackets in the U.K are one of the most devastating lawn pests, they will eat their way through your entire lawn if left untreated.

leatherjacket treatment of lawns
Leatherjacket Grub
A really bad leatherjacket attack on your lawn would have meant it would have to be entirely replaced in the past … which could cost Hundreds to thousands depending on your lawn size.
But not now as we can treat and save your nice lawn and protect it in the future with ongoing treatments.
So what are leatherjackets?
Well, Leatherjacket grubs are the larval stage of a crane fly, these insects are often seen flying around our gardens in late summer and early autumn, flying into our faces like a winged long legged ninja when we least expect it!
Their lives are very short as adults, with their only aim being to find a mate and lay their eggs. As soon as their energy has been used up, which can be less than a day, they die.
The females will lay her eggs in the soil in your lawn, starting the crane fly cycle again, and in a few weeks, the eggs will hatch into the leatherjacket grub.
Their activity will slow in the winter months due to the cold, and start up again in the spring as soon as it warms up again, and start eating their way through the grass roots in the soil.
How can you spot leatherjacket grubs in your lawn?
Have a look at the lawn and see if there are any patches of obviously dead grass that seem rather out of place and randomly distributed.

First :
Grab a handful of grass and try to pull it up. Healthy grass will not budge, being held in place by the roots. Grass subjected to a grub attack will come away easily, almost like a carpet. With no roots to hold the grass to the ground, the lawn will die suddenly.

Second :
Call us for an inspection to identify the grubs or if you found grubs send us a picture, size of lawn to be treated and we will give you a quote
The best way to deal with any possible leatherjacket attack is to make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand as there is no chemical out there for their treatment. Just a couple of leatherjackets in a lawn will barely be noticed, but it’s when they appear in large numbers that you should be concerned and preventative action should be taken as soon as possible.
Remember our treatment is 100% safe for pets, children, birds, bees & wildlife.

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