ladybird problem

The Harlequin ladybird  has a very variable appearance, which can make it difficult to tell apart from our native ladybirds. They are often found in a cluster in window frames and corners of rooms.
The descriptions below should help you,

     • Size and shape : large (7-8 mm or about 1/4 inch), round.

     • Elytra (wing case) ground colour: pale yellow-orange, orange-red, red or black; highly variable.

     • Elytra pattern: 0-21 orange-red or black spots, or grid pattern; highly variable.

     • Most common forms in UK : orange with 15-21 black spots: black with two or four orange or red spots.

     • Pronotum pattern: white or cream with up to 5 spots or fused lateral spots forming 2 curved lines,
       M-shaped mark or solid trapezoid.

     • Other characteristics: elytra with wide keel at base; legs almost always brown.

If you are still not sure you could send us pictures for us to identify

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