Hidden kill Mouse Trap Update

  • by steven light
  • 11 Aug, 2017

Does this mouse trap work for us 

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Hidden Kill Mouse Trap
This is an update from our Pestex 2017 blog
So since about a month before pest ex 2017, I acquired a free sample of this product through a large supplier and I have put it to the test.
The test I carried out was this. I replaced a highly productive snap mousetrap set on a stud farm in a food storage area with this hidden kill type trap.
Is it easier and more convenient to use? Yes especially as it's quick set.
Will this become a regular use item in our arsenal? NO
since I have swapped from snap mousetrap which was catching on a weekly basis as per our contract agreement (plus extra visits if I'm passing), I have caught a grand total of zero.
It will be replaced again for another snap trap tomorrow.
I used the same attractant/bait (peanut butter), in exactly the same place and nothing. it now has dust on and not even a mark on it.
This is one product we have tested in the field so far that I wouldn't add to my regular arsenal of traps. I like the design and idea of it, but will it work in a professional situation? From my experience, it won't and would be better suited for the public market or as a sell on type product to give the client peace of mind.
Would I personally sell this to a client? Again No I wouldn't. I wouldn't sell anything to a client that I didn't believe works even if it's just for peace of mind. If anyone reading this is considering a DIY trap option this is defiantly not the trap for you, any professionals reading this and you are trying this trap then let us know your thoughts as we are interested in your outcome.

Maybe in a household situation, it could be more productive and this will be a trial for another day.
We will update this blog if this is the case at a later date
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We Give This A Bronze, Good Idea But Did Not Work For Us

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