Graffiti Problem in Didcot , Oxfordshire

  • by steven light
  • 21 Apr, 2017

Graffiti and there Tags

What are your thoughts about Graffiti, mess or art? Does it spoil the look around Didcot as graffiti seems to be appearing everywhere?. It may start with a simple graffiti tag and after a few months or so the whole wall can be done, which we all know looks unsightly. Where every you see graffiti you will no doubt see young kids hanging around as we did when we were younger, this does mean that they are all thugs. The graffiti will be done by one or two individuals trying to show themselves to be bigger than the rest, or even another group from another town trying to say this area is ours by tagging certain areas.
graffiti tags and removal Didcot,Oxfordshire
Tagging around Didcot
The Pictures above show that graffiti appears anywhere from high streets to car parks. If you look at the centre picture I have highlighted two graffiti tags as a sample.if you then follow the lines you can see that the tags appear all over the area and in one place together as you can tell in the two right pictures top and bottom.
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