Getting rid of garden Moles in an Oxford village

  • by steven light
  • 13 Dec, 2016

Getting rid of Garden Moles

garden moles
Have you got mole hills in your garden

Hello readers.

Today I'm going to run you through a recent garden mole treatment   .

We received a call from a client who has had garden moles   for Some time but now they where getting out of hand, and making there way to a well-maintained lawn.

Ok not a problem and we arranged to meet for an initial Inspection.

Inspection day arrives and we turn up promptly as always. We where met by the clients very nice and now thanks to the moles, slightly frustrated gardener who wanted to get rid of garden moles . He accompanies us on our Inspection showing us the areas we are interested in,

Three distinct areas to be precise with one looking like an older problem. We inform the gardener that we would like to trap these three areas, and he gives us the go ahead after consulting with his client. We set multiple spring traps in these problematic areas and explain the traps to him. On this job, we set Duffus (tunnel) traps, two different types of scissor traps and some smaller, yet just as efficient trapline type mole traps . He was pleased as was the main client, in the form of his employer. we set a follow up date, Said our goodbyes and on to the next job.

Follow up day arrived and off to the job we went. This time I met the very

Friendly client who explain he was getting fed up with the   mole problems and asked

Me About the mole as an animal. i explained about them and their habits and he informed me he would like to see one as very few people have in the flesh. I explained that I will check the traps and hopefully will be able to help with his

Request. I made my way around the traps checking all the traps set on the initial visit. We don't have to search and search for these traps as we put trap markers in the form of flags or simply Put, a long bright adapted tent peg.

Area one and the mole was in the first trap checked, result.

Area two and mole number two was caught.

Area three resulted in nothing but there was no recent activity seen either so this

Was most likely an old unoccupied mole tunnel system . We left the traps that hadn't gone off in place an arranged another follow up. We may have caught the moles but we do our best to leave the traps down for another visit if the client is willing. We do this to make sure there is not another mole occupying the same tunnel system, the mole is very territorial with its tunnel systems, generally only ever coming together by accident or during mating season, it is not uncommon for two moles to be caught in one area and we pride ourselves on offering very affective and efficient control of all pests.

The client was surprised that the mole was so small for the damage it had done, how big its claws where and the size and sharpness of there teeth.

He was happy we had caught two in such a short time span, and liked the fact we used humane methods of control. A follow up was agreed we said our goodbyes

And I left.

Visit three went great. There was no fresh mole activity , no traps had been triggered and all in all control over the lawn was gained back for the client and

His now happy again gardener. All traps where removed, all the holes we had to make for the traps refilled and made nice again.

Another successfully completed job for the SPS team.

Any questions please feel free to leave a comment or any enquirers we have email, a phone number and a contact form  on the main website at shire-pest-solutions

Happy reading


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