Garden Moles in Witney

  • by steven light
  • 13 Dec, 2016
mole trapping in gardens in witney
Mike Light Setting Duffus Mole Traps in a Garden

Garden Moles on the increase

Today i had to go to Witney and was shocked by all the garden mole activity that i see. moles in the church yard, which was not nice to see amongst the graves. Then with a little walk up the road you can see them in peoples gardens and road side verges.

I am amazed to see that people are putting glass bottles into the hills hoping that the wind blowing over the neck of the bottle causes moles to leave that area - WON'T WORK.

Another garden had children's windmills put into the hills so when they turn the vibration scares the moles away - WON'T WORK.

And the best one is people putting chemicals down there holes , well i'm sorry people but this WON'T WORKand you are breaking the law.

What i am getting at is that when it comes to getting rid of garden moles  just call us   at Shire Pest Solutions   we have been doing mole trapping   for over 10 years now

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