• by steven light
  • 20 Mar, 2017

Garden moles are still very active


Moles are back

Yes, it’s March and the calls are still coming in from customers for mole problems in their lawns. The problem with moles this time of year is down to the weather, all this rain is moving the moles around.

A mole problem can quickly establish itself and cause significant damage as they can dig up to speeds of 4 metres per hour depending on the soil type. The picture below shows the 48-hour activity before the customer called us, even when the molehills are cleared away tunnel systems will stay there and can cause uneven lawns and a tripping hazard for young and old.

Sandy soil is very easy for them to dig through. Stony or acid soil tends to be avoided. I must say that it’s highly unlikely that you will see moles as they rarely come above ground in the day time.

The technicians at Shire Pest Solutions are professional mole catchers trained to use traps and fumigants. The main two traps are the scissor trap with two pairs of jaws kept apart by a trigger plate and the half barrel trap which is spring activated.


The fumigant we use is a product that generates aluminium phosphide which gasses the burrows. The mole trappers at Shire Pest Solutions make it look easy to trap moles but as many a person who has tried to trap moles will tell you it only looks easy.

If you would like advice or to arrange a visit by the S hire Pest Solutions mole trapping team, call us on 07709323095.


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