Garden Moles

  • by steven light
  • 13 Dec, 2016

Garden mole activity in Witney

How to Get rid of garden moles with shire pest
Removing Moles by Trapping , Three Moles Caught by Mike Light
Although one mole   has been caught , customers need to be aware that once a run is vacated by a Mole,  another mole can move into that set of tunnels offering a ready supply of food. Re-infestation therefore can & frequently does occur no matter which treatment method is used.   mole trapping is a skill learned over time and each mole catcher has there own ways of trapping. The traps are placed with care not just plonked in the hole and hope for the best. Any mole trapper takes time and care over his work and we are lucky enough that we at Shire Pest Solutions   take pride in this.
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