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  • by steven light
  • 23 Nov, 2017

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So lately we have had several phone calls regarding the works of a local company. We will not say which one as this goes against our morals. These were found online after asking on Facebook and other social media platforms, along with family and friends for recommendations. The treatments either did not work or was not done to industry standards. Our only advice was to contact the governing body (BPCA) the British pest control association.

So let’s take a quick look at what you should look for when receiving multiple recommendations online?
1- Qualified
Are they truly pest technicians or doing it as a hobby? A true pest technician in our eyes will have qualifications to back this up and would supply these upon asking without question.
Have you ever asked for proof of qualifications before receiving a treatment for your pest problem?
2- Price
Now, this can be dependant on your situation and what you can afford (in this day and age we understand money doesn’t grow on trees). Pest control is a skilled job and the saying “pay cheap, pay twice” comes to mind. On the other side of this, you shouldn’t pay over the odds either. We have come across prices quoted for a single mouse visit only, for close to what we would charge for three visits (a single visit is illegal if laying rodenticides or traps for rodents, it also only helps you start battling the problem and doesn’t solve it)
Our advice would be to get at least two quotes along with asking about qualifications. Get feedback, find reviews etc.
3- Insurance
Pest control business insurance and pest control hobby insurance offer two totally different things. Now, this part is mainly aimed at people offering services for rabbits, rodents and bird control (sometimes even foxes) as free pest services by use of an air weapon, shotgun or rifle.
Does the person you are employing to deal with a problem have the correct type of insurance? Or are they after a shooting permission? For the best part of this, I can tell you your problem will not be sorted. They will leave some so they always have something to shoot on each visit. Is this a bad thing?? Well no, not if you want someone shooting on your land for control of numbers but, and this is a big but; if they take any form of payment, including the quarry shot then sometimes the insurance they have can be invalid. Not always as it is insurance depending but always worth checking for yourself as the client.
If in doubt get in touch with another company for a second quote or opinion.
4- Visit reports
After each visit you should get a report stating at least;
-company name and contact details
-what was found
-how it was treated/dealt with
-type including the name of and amount of rodenticide/insecticide used
5- Environment
Are they wildlife aware and following the practices of the CRRU( Campaign For Responsible Rodenticide Use)
6- Recommendations
Do they have reviews? Reviews are important to us as it gives a true view of others in the company they used. This could be on Facebook, Yelp, google, trust pilot just to name a few.
7- Guarantee
Will they guarantee the job they have done? Whenever we, as a professional undertake a job we will always put our recommendations down, this is to either totally solve the problem (not always possible) or to minimise the possibility of future infestations (always possible) If you as a client listen to these suggestions and act upon them, then there is more of a chance of receiving a guarantee. Nothing can ever receive a 100% guarantee if recommendations are ignored. This guarantee may be a week or two or it may be a couple months to a few years dependant upon pests involved. A professional will guarantee there work for all pests to an extent. We at shire will 100% guarantee all our treatments as long as our recommendations are met. The guarantee will also involve numerous factors but these will be discussed within the first phone call or initial visit.
These are only the top few things to look out for. We will provide all including qualifications when asked. We have nothing to hide. We will only ever provide top quality work and our prices will always be as competitive as possible whilst offering a better service at the same time. If you have just a question or just want advice in the Oxfordshire/Berkshire area we will help as much as we can, Maybe you think you have a problem? give us a call and maybe you don’t truly need to pay for the problem and it’s something simple that we could advise you on over the phone, you never know. We don’t want you to waste your money when it’s something simple you can do yourself.

We will also do our best to accommodate organic options and to use traps whenever possible.

We don’t just solve your problem we will do everything in our power to stop it happening again.

We will always stick to our slogan.
If you have the pest, We have the solution

Thank you for reading and remember we are here if you need help, advice, or a solution to any pest problem you think you may have.
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