Cluster flies

  • by steven light
  • 13 Dec, 2016

Have you got flies in your loft

Cluster Flies
Flies in your loft could be Cluster Flies

Cluster fly call outs have started as clients see hundreds of Cluster flies invading their homes . If you've been finding large groups of flies in your loft or window frames, then there is a good chance you have cluster flies.
Cluster flies needs somewhere warm to overwintering. What I mean is they enter our homes which tends to be the loft spaces to keep themselves from freezing over the winter months and dying. Cluster flies congregate on the sunny side of your house then make their way into a hole in your window frames or loft space.
Once cluster flies get in, they are there to stay and they will appear every year as it gets cold. While it is easy enough to vacuum up the cluster flies that are on your window sills you will find more cluster flies take their place every day. The real problem is inside your loft spaces, and to deal with that, you're going to need the help of Shire Pest Solutions so get in touch with us today.This can be a one off visit to a year-round pest control contract which allows us to make twice yearly visits to treat the loft spaces.

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